Zirconia crowns, which are quite popular today, are preferred thanks to numerous advantages they offer. Turned into zirconia ceramic, zirconium is processed in special furnaces to be made available for use. It is quite difficult to notice the crowns thanks to Zirconia crowns, with natural appearance being the biggest advantage offered to the patient. Using zirconia crowns increases the individual’s quality of life while yielding rather natural results in aesthetic terms.

When to use Zirconia Crowns

  • When previous bleaching procedures did not yield any desired results,
  • For previously cut teeth,
  • To move separate teeth together,
  • If the person previously has had any bridges,
  • To mend fractured teeth,
  • To mend old teeth deformed,
  • To treat uneven and crooked teeth,
  • When it is not possible to apply fillings.

What Advantages Does Zirconia Crown Offer?

  • Zirconia porcelains are the same color as the individual’s own teeth. Therefore, it is not possible to notice the difference.
  • It does not cause any allergies.
  • It is extremely durable, it does not get damaged after the act of biting.
  • The color of the lower teeth does not reflect onto the upper teeth as it suppresses the color of the tooth it is made on.
  • It is extremely beneficial for gum health. It is not probable that a zirconia crown comes loose.
  • It can be safely used in anterior and posterior teeth.
  • It provides a more natural appearance as it has a higher transmittance of light, compared to ordinary crown.


How is Zirconia Crown Applied?

  • At the first examination, the objective is to spot the damage in the tooth. It is decided on whether zirconia crowns are to be used.
  • Local anesthesia is implemented.
  • The tooth and its surroundings are made thinner through special tools.
  • The inner part of the mouth is disinfected, and the tooth’s size is measured.
  • The color of the zirconia crown, which is in harmony with the natural color of your teeth, is determined.
  • Your tooth is made ready within approximately 1 week.
  • The tooth is put in its place, using temporary adhesives. The purpose here is to understand whether there will be any problems, which is followed by a waiting period of one week.
  • In the upcoming session, the patient starts living with their new tooth and attends to regular checks at specific intervals.


Prices of Zirconia Crowns

Please contact us for the most affordable Zirconia crown prices. As in all dentistry-related branches, we offer the most affordable prices for Zirconia teeth as well. We are the right candidate for your teeth with our experienced dentists and our advantageous prices. If you are interested in getting a quite beautiful and natural appearance for your teeth, feel free to contact us.



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