What is Prosthetic or Prosthetic Teeth?

What is Prosthetic or Prosthetic Teeth?

People can lose their teeth for a variety of reasons. The causes of loss of teeth include tooth decay and the necessity to extract teeth. At this point, fillings are quite beneficial; however, fillings become meaningless in the event of loss of a tooth. Dentures are extremely useful in such cases or in the event of tooth fracture.

It is highly probable that teeth lose their natural appearances in time. Teeth lose their old shiny appearances due to various reasons, such as abrasion in teeth, tooth decay, fractures and smoking. These losses lead to both aesthetic deteriorations and dysfunctions. Naturally, teeth always get damaged regardless of how attentive you are to you teeth.

What Are Dentures?

Taking the needs of the patient into consideration, a denture is prepared in a customized manner to replace the teeth that are lost in time. The dentures manufactured fully fit in the mouth of the individual, providing quite a natural appearance. It is possible to manufacture dentures based on the number of missing teeth. At this stage, the purpose is to preserve the original teeth. The color of the denture manufactured is in harmony with the original color of the patient’s teeth, and it is difficult for an outsider to notice the difference. Dentures increase the patient’s quality of life, while improving the function of chewing.

Denture types

The patient’s own tooth is used to manufacture a permanent denture, which has two subtypes named Fixed and Removable dentures. Original teeth are initially cut and made smaller, and the fixed denture is put in its place after the tooth is covered. The fixed denture procedure may require a visit to the dentist for 4 or 5 times. The act of chewing is more comfortable with fixed dentures compared to removable dentures. The patient cannot remove the denture anytime they want to. Generally, Zirconia or Laminate dentures are preferred. Removable dentures, however, can be removed and placed back by the patients themselves. Removable dentures have three subtypes: The first type is named complete denture, which is used when the patient has no teeth in their mouth. The second type is clasp dentures, which are used only for a specific part of the tooth and not for the whole tooth. The third type is called temporary dentures, which are put in the place of teeth extracted or trimmed.

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