What is Orthodontics?

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of expertise in dentistry, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the harmonization of lower-upper jaws and of uneven teeth.

What Does Orthodontics Do?

Your face will always have an aesthetically missing appearance as long as the teeth are uneven or sporadic. There may be problems, such as gaps between teeth, unevenness, problems in brushing and chewing.  This is where orthodontics steps in to make the teeth aligned and fixed. The alignment of the teeth is particularly important before another dental operation.

People with problematic jaw location must be treated. This problem must be treated particularly prior to the completion of the bone development, within the adolescence period. In case of advanced ages, patients with jaw location problems would require surgical operations to eliminate this problem.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

When you visit a dentist, the dentist would tell you whether you have orthodontic problems based on x-rays and plaster modeling. After this stage, the treatment is planned and initiated.

Orthodontists usually deal with patients who have dental problems in terms of:

  • Crookedness and unevenness in teeth,
  • Deteriorations in shape and closure of teeth,
  • Structural jaw impairments,
  • Differences at jaw levels,
  • Jaw traumas and jaw cyst problems,


Is Orthodontic Treatment Required?

Orthodontic treatment is absolutely necessary in the long run. Lack of treatment can yield to many problems. These problems can be sorted as gum diseases, temporomandibular joint problems, problems in chewing functions, and speech disorders.

Using braces is extremely common for the solution of orthodontic problems. It is ensured that the teeth are aligned through the use of braces. This way, it is possible to eliminate problems, such as gaps between teeth or unevenness. In the absence of advanced problems in teeth, this problem can be treated through apparatuses that can be placed and removed by the patient. Furthermore, there are various apparatuses to be used for completing the orthodontic treatment. If you would like to learn about the orthodontic treatment that suits you best, you may consult your dentist.

Orthodontics at Baydent

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