Today, thanks to the rapid advancements in technology, many innovations have been made in the field of medicine as well. The field of dentistry harbors a specific portion of these innovations.

Missing teeth constitute problems in terms of health and aesthetics. Implants are one of the aforementioned innovations.

What is an Implant?

The first thing to come to mind, when somebody speaks of implants, is the titanium screws driven into the jaw bone in the place of missing teeth. The implant process is completed upon the placement of dentures over those screws. One of the most important advantages of the implant treatment is that it does not damage the neighboring teeth. Implants replace the roots of the teeth and act as natural teeth. You can gladly show off your teeth, let alone have a problem with eating.

Who Can Have an Implant Treatment?

Individuals over 18 years of age, who have completed their bone development, can have implant treatments. Prior to the operation, an x-ray procedure is performed in order to learn whether the jaw structure is suitable for implants. Although the disease is brought under control in diabetic patients, those who use blood thinners should quit taking those medicines before the treatment commences.

How about the implant treatment process?

The patient is slightly sedated before the implant treatment starts. An x-ray procedure must be implemented to learn about the condition of the jaw bone before this procedure. The result of the patient’s panoramic x-ray is analyzed and a plan is made. Subsequent to this stage, the patient’s jaw bone is analyzed to decide which implant type would suit better. After a decision is made over the implant type, the relevant region is anesthetized to place the implants.

The implant tooth is put in its place after a waiting period of two months.

How Long Does an Implant Last?

Implants can last up to 30 years. If you take good care of your implants, it is possible to achieve a high period of use. Smoking, alcohol consumption or consumption of acidic beverages have a significant impact over the life of implants.

Oral hygiene also plays an important role in implants. It is probable to lose the implant in the presence of bad oral hygiene. It is therefore extremely important that implant patients attach importance to oral hygiene.

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