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There are a number of reasons why citizens living abroad prefer Turkey for health tourism. Affordable prices, superior quality of service, and Turkey’s cultural texture play a significant part in the choices of citizens living abroad.

Various services, such as intra-oral dental operations, fillings, implant treatments, dentures, zirconium, are offered under the assurance of Baydent. We provide the most superior service through our staff of specialist doctors and our state-of-the-art devices


  • You need to send us any previous panoramic dental x-rays you obtained from any hospital in your own country.
  • Your x-rays will be evaluated by our specialist dentists to prepare the operation plan that fits you the most, and you will be informed about it.
  • Your date of operation will be set for any date that suits you best.
  • Following your passport and visa procedures, you will purchase a plane ticket at least one day prior to the date of operation.
  • You will visit our country on the predetermined date to have your planned treatment.


  • Have a panoramic dental x-ray procedure done at any dental clinic in your own country and send the results to our clinic (e-mail, cargo, WhatsApp).
  • The treatment is planned based on your panoramic x-ray results, and the final treatment plan is determined with the initial physical examination within the scope of this plan.
  • Following your approval, the treatment is commenced.
  • You are provided with information about the price and duration of the operation.
  • If it is required to apply any implants, the implants are placed at your first visit, which is followed by the placement of supra-implant dentures approximately 4 months later.

How to arrive

  • Upon your arrival in Istanbul, you will be picked up from the airport by our vehicles and taken to your 5-star hotel (The Green Park Hotel, Pendik). We will pick you up from your hotel and take you to our clinic.
  • Services will be provided, such as greeting at the airport and pickup from the hotel on the way back. The airport-hotel transfers are provided with luxury vehicles driven by our experienced drivers.
  • Upon the completion of your treatment, in the event that you wish to stroll around Istanbul, you will be provided with help on all issues, along with sufficient information about Istanbul. Based on your preferences, the most suitable itinerary will be created.

You are welcome to contact us if you would like to visit Istanbul and get a dental treatment.

Baydent Diş
Baydent Diş
Baydent Diş
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